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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shia Association of Bay Area Openly Supports Terrorism

San Jose California's SABA Mosque,  Hezbollah's dirty little secret in the Silicon Valley

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By Lee Kaplan, investigator, communications director, ACD fellow

The Silicon Valley-based Islamist center of Shia Association of  Bay Area (SABA
acts as a hub for approximately eight Ja'fari Mosques in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Indeed, the imam, Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi), of SABA is heavily involved with
all the local Shia Islamic centers. The Mosque promotes itself in the public eye as a place where members and their children can be trained in "high moral values."  However, SABA Mosque's interpretation of what those "high moral values" no doubt differ from the bulk of American society, including many Muslim-Americans who  would prefer to escape the unending warmongering in their former countries of the Middle East, particularly Iran.

Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi)
It is in fact self-evident that the leadership of the SABA Mosque is involved in both open and subtle support of the Khomeinist regime currently running Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah.

Moreover, at one sermon, a founding member from the Mosque, Dr. Mazhar Khan, explained how Jews had supposedly abandoned their true religion for reasons of materialism (in other words, the stingy Jews) and how Christianity that was to replace Judaism failed to have any moral compass by which people should live (no Ten Commandments?). The comments were subtle, yet were said to young people, young Muslims who meld into American society.

Dr. Mazhar Khan, left, with the Khomeinist mullah Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi) at the home of the former in Morgan Hill, CA.
The former Imam of the Mosque, Rafic Labboun, is currently cooling his heels in prison, after being linked by the FBI to credit card scams that were a nationwide scam conducted by Hezbollah in the US to develop funds for Hezbollah activities overseas.

If anyone doubts the SABA Mosque's true policies of supporting Hezbollah goals though, he or she need only look as far as SABA's newsletter. A seemingly innocent posting about the passing away of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah last year reveals much about the sentiments of the Mosque's leadership:
"Condolence message on the sad demise of Allamah Fadlallah

It is with great regret and a profound sense of grief to receive the news of the demise of a man of knowledge, a lecturer, Marjaa (source of emulation) and great Islamic scholar, Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah. He was a personality sincerely offered invaluable service to the manifest religion and Islamic Ummah. His sincere efforts and personal endowment for serving and uplifting the truth led to Muslim unity and proximity of Islamic schools of thought. 
On the occasion of the sad demise of this heavenly scholar SABA board and Hujjaul Islam Maulana Dr. Abidi convey their condolences to Grand Sources of Emulation, Islamic Seminaries and Islamic world thinkers and all his Muqalledin. We pray to Allah the Almighty to grant great status to the distinguished departed soul. Majlis program will be held on Thursday night."
So just who was Ayatollah Fadlallah? Well, he was an inspirational leader for Hezbollah and involved with the barracks bombing that killed 241 US marines in Beirut in 1983. He also was a big endorser of suicide bombings.

Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah

Here's a quote from the late Ayatollah Fadlallah in London's Daily Telegraph:
"I was not the one who launched the idea of so-called suicide bombings, but I have certainly argued in favour of them.... [the Palestinians] are in a state of war with Israel. They are not aiming to kill civilians but, in war, civilians do get killed... There is no other way for the Palestinians to push back those mountains, apart from martyrdom operations."
In addition to the above, Ayatollah Fadlallah denied the Holocaust as a publicity stunt by the Jews, insisting the six million Jews murdered was an inflated number used to gain Jewish sympathy. He praised a massacre of Jewish seminary students in Jerusalem in 2008 in which eight students were murdered by a lone gunman in their classroom. Hezbollah took credit for the attack that was also shared credit with Hamas.

Al Manar, the Hezbollah television station declared Ayatollah Fadlallah "the spiritual leader of the Islamic resistance (Hezbollah) in Lebanon," saying that "Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlullah inspired the leaders for the resistance group, and served as a highly influential beacon of truth for all the oppressed peoples of the world.
Logo of the terrorist organization Hezbollah
Ayatollah Fadlallah was not only a Muslim reference and authority but rather one of the most prominent contemporary religious authorities in the Islamic World. His great experience in teaching jurisprudence as well as his constant monitoring of the latest trends and literature of the major religious schools have enabled him to launch his own school and to be followed by thousands of Muslim believers in Lebanon and the region."

Khaled Meshaal, the head of Hamas based in Syria sent a letter to Ayatollah Fadlallah's son lamenting the loss of his father that stated, "The dear deceased was one of the nation's special and great figures, with his knowledge, grace, moderation, mediation, forgiveness and openness to others, in addition to his courageous stances regarding the nation's issues, especially towards the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Zionist struggle. His eminence was one of the greatest symbols and scholars defending the choice of resistance and Jihad against the occupation, in support of the Palestinian strife and our people's right to freedom, liberty and liberation. A Hamas delegation from Gaza headed was also present at the funerary services."

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal. Hamas is officially recognized as a terrorist organization by the United States Government.
But Western media, notably the British newspaper, the Telegraph's executive foreign editor  Con Coughlin was quoted as saying,  "Don't be fooled by all the tributes that are pouring out following the death in Beirut at the weekend of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the so-called spiritual leader of the radical Shi'ite Muslim militia Hezbollah. The U.S. State Department's classification of Ayatollah Fadlallah as a terrorist was spot on, and when you look back at his track record you can see he was right up there with other infamous terror masterminds, such as Abu Nidal, (the Palestinian terror group linked to Saddam Hussein) and Carlos the Jackal." In 1983 Hezbollah was in its infant stages, but Ayatollah Fadlallah was it's spiritual leader who called for attacks on American servicemen.

This is a man who the SABA Islamic Center pays tribute to in a footnote of their newsletter and services at the Mosque under the noses of the American public.

More to come.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Federal Judge allows Nabi Raza Mir Abidi back into US despite DHS objections

CAIR involved in helping California imam with suspected links to Hezbollah return to US

By Lee Kaplan, investigator, communications director, ACD fellow

Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi) is the Imam of Shia Association of the Bay Area (SABA Mosque/Saba Islamic Center), an Islamist organization based in the heart of the Silicon Valley, in San Jose, California. SABA’s leadership has been known to openly endorse the anti-American Khomeinist regime in Iran and the activities of the Lebanon-based international terrorist group Hezbollah.

The Northern California mosque’s previous imam, a man named Rafic Labboun, is currently in US prison for credit card fraud that may be linked to fund-raising activities by Hezbollah for money raised in the United States for use abroad as a part of the terrorist group’s activities. Nabi Raza Mir, who has been Labboun’s replacement since 2002, but is not yet a US citizen, left the US temporarily with his family late December, 2010 allegedly to visit his sick mother, but was denied admittance back into the US for his return by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The United States Government did this ostensibly because of his open ties and support of the Khomeinist regime in Iran.

The convicted felon Rafic Labboun at Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward, CA. Photo by Sam Bazzi, The Islamic Counterterrorism Institute.
The convicted felon Rafic Labboun at Fatimiyya Islamic Center of Hayward, CA.

So, does Nabi Raza Mir really pose a threat to national security?

It is important to understand where this mullah comes from and the movement he and his relatives espouse from the SABA Islamic Center. Mir’s first permanent residence petition (an I-360 document in U.S. Immigration parlance) was filed by Shia Association of Bay Area in 2004 and was repeatedly denied up to as late as December 2006 under the Bush administration. A second I-360 petition to grant him permanent US residence was applied for by SABA back in June of 2007, one year before President Obama took office and was denied in November of that same year. An appeal was filed by SABA and after wending its way through the US courts for three years (Mir was still practicing as the imam and running his business in the Silicon Valley Mosque during this whole time) it was denied in 2011 under the new Obama Administration. If the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Obama Administration also felt he was a security risk, there must have been more to this cleric than meets the eye. In fact, part of this denial was based on new anti-terrorism laws designed to keep individuals with potential terrorism links out of the United States.
Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi), left, with Mehboob "Bob" Abedi.

Needless to say, Attorney General Eric Holder’s passion for wanting to get the Gitmo detainees released should suggest that if even he also wants Mir kept out of the country there must be a good reason for it. As mentioned, Mir comes from a remote village in India called Alipur that is a Khomeinist stronghold with strong allegiances to the Iranian regime. He has been staying there pending his legal appeals along with his wife, Syeda Gulshan Zahera, and their three younger sons who were also named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the US government. Judge Jeremy Fogel handed down a stipulation agreed to by Mir’s lawyers and US Attorney Melissa S. Leibman just a few days ago that will allow the Khomeinist mullah and his family to come back to California.

Shia Association of Bay Area is also working hard behind the scenes to try to get Rafic Labboun released early from prison. That the Shiite Mosque would seek to import another impassioned Hezbollah activist and supporter of the Iranian regime should be alarming enough, but their attempts to release a convicted man, a criminal, with links to a terrorist organization reveal motives that go against the security of every American. Members of the Mosque even distributed a music video calling for Labboun’s release with an image of an armed Malcolm X in the visuals that is very disturbing.

The original lawsuit seeking to allow Nabi Raza Mir back into the United States was filed by the Mosque with the help of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), according to the Mosque’s website. CAIR has been accused of being a Hamas front by members of Congress and is mainly Sunni Moslem inspired. Sunnis and Shiites, as two different sects of Islam do not normally agree, but have been cooperating together in this case because of their mutual animus toward Israel and against the United States.

The legal case was filed as a writ of mandamus, a specific lawsuit that seeks to have government ministers or officials adhere to strict interpretations of the law to fulfill specific functions. In this case, Nabi Raza Mir and his family, it was alleged, were being prevented from returning to the US based on new anti-terrorism laws that Homeland Security sought to use to keep the imam out of the US as a security threat. However, the lawyers for Mir successfully argued that this clergyman should be subject to laws as they were written at the time Mir applied for residency in the United States. Federal Judge Jeremy Fogel agreed with San Francisco attorneys Christine Brigagliano and Marc Vanderhout, both immigration attorneys from the firm representing SABA Mosque, that such was the case.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Vanderhout and Ms. Brigagliano, Nabi Raza Mir’s attorneys, are both members, and Vanderhout has even been a past president of, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), a radical legal organization some historians have stated was originally started in the 1930’s by Josef Stalin to shield the American communist party from investigations by the US government. The NLG has in the past been described as a subversive organization by authorities within the US government and the organization currently throws its support behind Palestinian terrorist groups such as Hamas and is an integral part of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a communist-anarchist front for the Palestinian revolution. The legal organization is even mentioned in ISM training manuals as a resource to be used to help bring down Israel.

The National Lawyers Guild makes as its purpose to support America’s enemies within US borders, so Vanderhout’s and Brigagliano’s affiliations with the organization should come as no surprise. This makes sense since as one prominent NLG member and Rutgers University School of Law Professor Arthur Kinoy has argued that “the role of the radical lawyer was to facilitate the coming anti-capitalist revolution by weakening the law’s ability to function effectively against law-breaking radicals.” The two attorneys representing Nabi Raza Mir and his family held that Homeland Security’s concerns for the safety of US citizens should not be enforceable based on newer counter terrorism laws because he wasn’t considered a security threat before. Judge Jeremy Fogel apparently agreed.

Sajjad Mir, second from right (hand in pocket), marching during a Husayn Day 'Peace' Walk. Mir is the Chairman of Shia Association of Bay Area, Vice Chair of the Northern California Islamic Council (NCIC) and President/CEO of Hastest Solutions, Inc. Photo by Sam Bazzi, The Islamic Counterterrorism Institute.
Sajjad Mir, second from right (hand in pocket), marching during a Husayn Day "Peace" Walk. Mir is the Chairman of Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA Center), Vice Chair of the Northern California Islamic Council (NCIC) and President/CEO of Hastest Solutions, Inc.
Sajjad Mir, another individual from the same clan as Nabi Raza Mir, is the Chairman of the Shia Association of the Bay Area and the CEO of a Silicon Valley firm called Hastest Solutions, Inc., with offices located in the same building as the Mosque in an industrial area of San Jose, California. Hastest Solutions tests the viability of products and systems of other companies and has even been involved with high security U.S. military weapons systems produced by the Raytheon Corporation. A similar case involving businesses owned by individuals who support regimes that suborn terrorism having access to sensitive government groups or projects within the US involved the SAAR Foundation prosecutions where supporters of Al Qaeda held religious offices and private businesses also in the same buildings in Northern Virginia. The difference this time, is that while the SAAR Foundation was made up of Sunni Moslems who were supporters of Hamas and Al Qaeda, some who developed relationships in the US government and FBI, the SABA Mosque is open in its support of the Shia Moslems in Iran and of Khomeini’s revolutionary government that declares the United States the “Great Satan” and Israel as the “Minor Satan.” Terrorism support entities when ultimately proven and prosecuted in the US usually follow the same patterns of behavior, infiltration, indoctrination and subversion. In the event the US goes to war with Iran, there certainly could be the possibility of some individuals indoctrinated by the SABA Mosque’s leadership joining internal cadres in the US to attack from within. Loyalty to the US is totally absent at SABA Mosque, but allegiance to the regime of Ali Khameini in Iran exists there. Reverend Jeremiah Wright isn’t the only religious leader who refuses to say, “God Bless America.”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The leadership of Saba Center promotes Khamenei as the leader of the Muslim community.
According to a news flash on the SABA Mosque’s website newsletter , “Our beloved Leader/Imam Maulana Nabi Raza Mir (Abidi), was unfairly forced to stay in India by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) while he was visiting his critically ill mother. SABA Center is filing a case in the district court to order DHS to allow him to return home to be with his family and the community.”

Sam Bazzi with Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi)
Sam Bazzi of the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute with Nabi Raza Mir inside Saba Center in 2004. Bazzi is an expert on Shia Islam. He is also a counterterrorism and human rights activit. Bazzi played a cardinal role in the effort to expose Khomeinist proliferation in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Speaking of family, the main allies of Nabi Raza Mir in the SABA Mosque back in Alipur are his relatives with the same physical traits and political points of view. A recent video that appears on YouTube featured one of Mir’s close relatives in Alipur giving an inflammatory speech in support of the Ali Khameini regime in Iran and screaming Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud! an exhortation to exterminate the Jews referring to an historical passage in the Koran where Prophet Mohammed wiped out a Jewish community and beheaded its male population. The speaker in the video is Qayeem Abbas, who is another imam in Alipur and a family relative of Mir’s. Another Toronto-based imam under the watch of Canadian intelligence and a known Hezbollah sympathizer, Zaki Baqri, is also related to Mir. All these men are members of the so-called “Sadat” caste as recognized back in Alipur, that openly seeks to dominate and rule the world and sees it as their right to do so. Both mullahs carry the titles “Syed” (Arabic/Persian/Urdu for “master”) and “Maulana” (Arabic for “our lord”) as evidenced by the Mosque’s newsletter. In this bizarre system, there are two classes of people: Masters and non-masters. So if these are the masters, what are they teaching the non-masters in their holy mosques to think and do?

The YouTube video, shot in Alipur that is not in English, also ends with Mir’s relations calling for the destruction of America as the Great Satan and “Death to Israel” as the Lesser Satan. It should be noted there are no Jews living in Alipur where this demonstration took place, that the call to exterminate Jews is in following with the Khomeinist regime’s programming from Tehran. Religious leaders from the SABA Mosque have been reported to have made comments disparaging of Christians and Jews at times during sermons and invitations for religious speakers who are known to be virulently anti-Semitic are the norm. Some of these have included Abdul Malik Ali, an imam from Oakland who calls for genocide against Jews on US campuses such as UC Irvine, as well as Abdul Alim Musa, a former Oakland drug lord turned Khomeinist Imam who converted in prison and who has stated his goal is to instill a Khomeinist regime as found in Iran here in the United States.

The Judeophobic imam Abdul Alim Musa. He received a hero's welcome at Saba Center!
Nabi Raza Mir, while practicing as the imam at the SABA Mosque, before leaving for Alipur, also had expressed praise and regret at the passing of Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah who was credited with ordering the bombing of the US marine barracks in Beirut in 1983, costing the lives of over 241 US military personnel in what many consider to be the first major terror attack assignment by Hezbollah. At political and religious events in the San Jose area, SABA Mosque leaders have been photographed frequently wearing the paraphernalia of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps or of the Basij, both the military wings and enforcers of the dictatorial regime in Iran. Average Americans do not understand the symbolism of Basij scarves or keffiyehs or may think they represent the Palestinian revolution. But many exiled Iranians do know their meaning as identifiers of the secret police back in Iran or Hezbollah.

Dearborn, Michigan, is no longer the only most major center of Hezbollah activity in the United States; Nabi Raza Mir arrived back in the US on April 25th to be hosted at a special reception at the SABA Mosque on Thursday, April 28th as San Jose now vows for that same distinction.