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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rafic Labboun is Wilhelm Dick: Who helped Hezbollah terrorist get Belizean passport and IDs?

Jose Sanchez of Channel 5 in Belize
Jose Sanchez
The case of the U.S. national who has been deemed part of a Hezbollah terrorist cell operating in the Yucatan area and Central America, has sparked a criminal investigation in Belize because he had Belizean documents. Rafik Mohammed Labboun (Allaboun) was caught during a raid in Merida, Mexico over the weekend and authorities found he had been using the identity of Wilhelm Dick, a Belizean infant who died two months after his birth in 1976.

It is now confirmed that the man linked to the terrorist organization was in Belize in late August when he obtained Belizean documents including a passport in the infant’s name. Because it was a new passport to be issued, Labboun did not possess a social security card or a voter’s Identification. That is why the officer at the Immigration Office in Belize City requested a supervisor to handle the situation. News Five has confirmed that it is the supervisor, Gilroy Guzman who approved the passport to be issued to the man who was posing as Wilhelm Dick.  Sources say that since the police want to question Guzman, he is seeking advice from an attorney. Earlier today, News Five spoke to the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of National Security, Delroy Cutkelvin who says that the situation has morphed to a criminal investigation.

Delroy Cuthkelvin, Public Relations Officer, Ministry of National Security

Rafik Mohammed Labboun Allaboun of Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, CA)
Rafic Labboun (Rafik Mohammed Labboun Allaboun) of Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, CA)
Jose Sanchez
“Belize is a very multicultural society. You know, I can look at someone and identify them as an Arab. He carried the name Wilhelm Dick. Was there any alarm bells called off? What about the J.P. or the Immigration Department? Was there anything of concern when they see this face with that name?”

“Rafik Mohammad Labboun Allaboun. What we have been trying to establish is, you know he was carrying a passport that was referred to as a fake passport, a fake Belizean passport. What we have been trying to establish is, first of all, whether the document and other documents he was carrying were officially issued by Belizean authorities. He was carrying a fake passport in the name of Wilhelm Dick. We have been able to established since then that in fact, when teams went out to Shipyard in Orange Walk which was listed as the place of birth of the person by the name of Wilhelm Dick; that there was in fact a Wilhelm Dick was born in Shipyard, Orange Walk, on the eighth of February, 1976. And that person was registered a month later and that that person was born to parents who are David and Judith Dick—as indeed listed on the birth certificate—because this individual was also carrying a birth certificate under the same name of Wilhelm Dick. He was as well carrying a driver’s license also in the name of Wilhelm Dick and that driver’s license had an address that is a Belmopan address; Number 20 Halfmoon Street. Indeed an application was made at the Vital Statistics Office in Belize City for a copy of a Birth certificate for Wilhelm Dick. In fact we were able to establish that that birth certificate was indeed issued on the twenty-ninth of August 2012. We have been able to establish that that very same day, a person posing to be Wilhelm Dick made an application for a Belizean passport at the Passport Office in Belize City; that’s on the twenty-ninth of August, 2012 and that he paid a hundred dollars to expedite the process for the express issuance of the passport. And we’ve also been able to establish that the following day, a passport was indeed issued; that is the thirtieth of August, 2012, in the name of Wilhelm Dick. The police authorities; this investigation has now been turned over to the Criminal Investigation Branch, C.I.B. and they have demanded and requested all the physical files from the Passport Office and from the Vital Statistics Office.”

Delroy Cuthkelvin
Delroy Cuthkelvin
Delroy Cuthkelvin
“The information in the computer also had a photograph of the person purporting to e Wilhelm Dick. And immediately upon pulling up the photograph, the senior immigration officer without any prompting from the police authorities said that that person looks like a Lebanese national. Which raised the question; which has to be asked to the relevant persons who accepted the application and processed the application: if there weren’t some alarms that went off in their head when they saw a person looking like he did appearing before them claiming to be Wilhelm Dick. As you know, when you now apply for a passport, you have to physically go to the office and have your photo be taken. In the past, there was system where you would bring a photograph already taken, the J.P. would just sign the photograph and the birth certificate and would certify you as being the person who appears on the photograph and someone who they have known for a period of time. This instance, there is a Justice of the Peace that has now been detained and is being interviewed by police authorities. That person incidentally was the same person who had their home burnt down over the holidays and so she could not be immediately found yesterday. She has since been found and is now being interviewed.”

Jose Sanchez
“This story broke on Saturday. What day of the weekend was this fire that burned down this J.P.’s home?”

Delroy Cuthkelvin
“To be honest, I don’t recall; they are two separate stories and I am not entirely sure of that right now. I would have to do a check on that.”

Jose Sanchez
“Regarding the immigration officer who may have processed the information for Labboun, is his name being crossed-referenced with maybe other investigations regarding similar incidents that may have been exposed?”

Delroy Cuthkelvin
“This investigation is a thorough investigation. Every aspect of whatever process took place to have this person be in possession of the documents in question, those entire processes are being investigated and anyone who might have been involved in that process. So the Criminal Investigation Branch has requested that all the files be turned over to them and any person who had anything to do with the process will eventually be interviewed and all the pertinent questions will be asked of them in terms of the whole process.”

Jose Sanchez
The house were Rafic Labboun was arrested  in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
The house were Rafic Labboun was arrested
 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
“Regarding Rafik Mohammad Labboun Allaboun’s entrance into Belize, are you looking or talking to the Mexican counterparts? I know at Subtiniente Lopez, they have cameras that record everything. So are you going to ask them to see those videos and when he arrived in Belize? Are you also looking at who may have been accompanying him between this one or two day journey in receiving all of these documents?”

Delroy Cuthkelvin
“All of that will be investigated. I can assure you that our personnel at the Criminal Investigation Branch will do a thorough investigation. Every aspect of when and whether this person came to Belize—as all indications now seem to be that he did come to Belize and made an application for a passport—all aspects of that will be investigated. What name perhaps he came in—whether he came in that same name or his real name or the name that it now seems he was purporting to be. All that will be investigated thoroughly.”

This article was first published by Channel 5 in Belize.

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