Of Masters and Their Slaves

"It only stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master." ―Ayn Rand

About Sam Bazzi

The American counterterrorism activist Sam Bazzi of Arcs
The American counterterrorism activist
Sam Bazzi
Sam Bazzi is a technologist, web publisher, and counterterrorism analyst and consultant based in the United States.

Bazzi is the founder and director of Arcs Counterterrorism Solutions™ by Arcs Business Solutions, LLC, a company registered in California.
Bazzi is a specialist in application architecture and development. In recent years, Bazzi shifted his focus to open source Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly DrupalMediaWiki and WordPress, due to his interest in counterterrorism and political web publishing.

Shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Bazzi became highly involved in the efforts to combat domestic terrorism and eventually established the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute (ICI)--a remarkable enterprise undertaken by Muslims to fight terrorism inflicted unfairly in the name of Islam. Bazzi utilizes on-line counter-ideology techniques to detect, identify, track, profile and expose domestic terrorists and their supporters.

Bazzi has worked from within the ranks of the San Francisco Bay Area Shia Muslim community since the spring of 2002. His efforts to counter the Bay Area extremist Khomeinist elements (Shiite loyalists of the anti-America Iranian regime and its founder Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini) and Hezbollah operatives were critical and impacted the Shiite community in the Bay Area (and by extension the mullah-dominated Alipur of Karnataka, the Hezbollah-controlled Dahieh and other places) very profoundly. Indeed, Bazzi introduced American-style free speech to a traditional community accustomed to having the mullahs and their henchmen monopolize the pulpit and the delivery of ideas into the minds and hearts of the congregations. Praise be to God, this was possible due to the U.S. Constitutional guarantees, chiefly the First Amendment's freedom of speech, the Internet, and the various social media tools (or, what Bazzi calls "tools of Democracy").

American Bill of Rights: Freedom of Speech
American Bill of Rights
Bazzi's message to the Shiite youths is to never fear unjust turbaned mullahs. Said Bazzi, "Keep an open mind and lead the way. Whenever you feel the mullahs are advocating a wrong stance or leading others astray, stand-up to them and constructively express yourself." He adds, "This, nowadays, is quite easy: Start a blog and wisely run your thoughts into it. Allowing the mullahs to monopolize religious and political thought is immoral and quite unhealthy for the members of Islamic community and consequently everyone else. You live in a society that guarantees free speech and pays precious blood to protect this invaluable and fundamental right. Honor free speech by expressing yourself and speaking-up against the ills in your local community and nation."

Bazzi preaches that "Democrary is self-correcting and self-healing." He argues that "in an ecosystem of liberty and freedom, all citizens are relatively empowered, each in accordance of his or her ability. Ideas can never be always suppressed. With the concurrence of Providence and with persistence and perseverance, a message agreeable to some or all of the citizenry can be delivered, sooner or later, for good or for bad. In such atmosphere, inspiration and influence are never the monopoly of the few."

Bazzi also strongly advocates open and complete cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), something that Khomeinist organizations such as Shia Association of Bay Area (Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, CA) openly frown upon. Bazzi feels that the Shiites protecting Iranian regime and Hezbollah operatives (such as Rafic Labboun and his crew) actually endangers the Muslim community in the United States, for terrorism is not only fundamentally wrong and absolutely evil but also puts peaceful and patriotic American Muslims at dire risks.

The true form of Hezbollah members
The true form of Hezbollah members
Bazzi writes on regular basis about the various religious, social and political matters that affect the American Shia community and beyond. He also communicates and works with a variety of relevant politicians, counterterrorism professionals and activists, regardless of their creed or political outlook. Bazzi's primary goal is to keep the American public and its political representatives very well informed about all local and national matters that could impact United States national security in both the long and short terms. Indeed, Bazzi considers awareness to be the first step in a successful defense.

Sam Bazzi supports the Syrian Revolution
Flag of the Free Syrians
Bazzi is a very staunch supporter of the U.S.-backed Syrian Revolution and considers its expected ultimate success, Inshallah, to be a strategic setback to the Khomeinist Iranian regime's projects in the Middle East and beyond. Bazzi also condemns the interference of the Iranian regime and its terror proxy, Hezbollah, in the affairs of the Syrian people.

The aggressive sectarian foreign policies of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamanei has put the minority Shiite community in the Levant in direct and open confrontation with their Sunni-Muslim majority brethren, neighbors, and countrymen. This is utterly unwise and shows total lack of foresight by the Shiites involved in this very bloody power struggle. The Iranian regime and Hezbollah are essentially dooming the Shiite community and willingly engaging in intra-Muslim strife that weakens the entire Islamic Nation. For this, Bazzi believes, the militant Khomeinist mullahs and their misguided followers shall be accountable here and in the hereafter.

Sam Bazzi admires the freedom and liberty principles advocated by Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
Bazzi also feels that the world's powers should transcend their ethnic, religious and political differences and unite to successfully confront the threat posed by the Khomeinist mullahs of Iran and other countries. The world, especially the peoples of Iran, deserve better than tyranny in the name of religion and black turbans.

Bazzi is very passionate about freedom and liberty and strongly feels that people in Syria, Palestine, Iran and throughout the world should be able to freely determine their own fates and achieve independent self-governance.

Bazzi's favorite motto is Benjamin Franklin's Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God, which is based on the very same principles propagated since ancient times by Prophets of God such as Moses, Peace be upon him, and Imams such as al-Husayn ibn Ali, Peace be upon them (e.g. Live free.).

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  1. What is counter-ideology? Sounds like a made-up word.

  2. Counter-ideology is the actions and efforts that one applies to bring the proliferation of a targeted ideology to a halt and ultimately reverse its effects.

  3. I like your depiction of the Hezbollah terrorists: matching their misdeeds to their likenesses.

    1. Thank you. That's what they really are in the minds of most people.

  4. Your call for everyone to transcend their religious, ethnic and political differences is not feasible. There cannot be cooperation in the absence of trust and that can rarely be there.

  5. It seems to me that Bazzi supports sectarian warfare in Syria.

    1. Absolutely not. I am totally against strife. It is the Syrian regime and the Assad family who have hijacked Syria and turned it into a sectarian property. I totally support the struggle of the Syrian people to free themselves from their domestic and foreign oppressors. Unfortunately, it was the Syrian regime that chose to face protests and demands for liberty with bullets and thugs (known as Shabiha). Hence, the Syrian and Iranian regimes along with Hezbollah who are provoking sectarian warfare in Syria.

    2. Sorry Sam but the thinking Americans like myself know full well that the Syrian BS is all the about the stated military foreign policy goals written up by the think tank PNAC(Project For the New American Century). Specifically the foreign policy paper: "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces & Resources For a New Century" Dates year 2000. Also this think tank and it's foreign policy aims major brainchild was none other than Dick Chenny. The same Dick Chenny that was elected to VP with George W. Bush as President in the Presidential election of 2000.So Sam don't keep blowing smoke up the unthinking populations that don't know any better because there are always those like myself who reads numerous Think Tank foreign policy papers and also watches who from these think tanks are hired in to foreign policy positions to advise the President!

      Let's get to these so-called freedom fights you like to support who carry out murder on Christians in Syria on a daily basis, who are fighting a proxy war by certain Saudi Wahabbist regimes like the House of Saud, which are the US Govts primary Arab allies in the middle east. against the so-called terror of Syria, Bashar al-Assad and his so-called horror of a regime.

      Lets examine who's regime is really a terror of the middle east shall we? House of Saud, another wahabbist extreme religious sect who do not mind spreading murder and chaos and regime change through out the middle east at the behest of stated US govt policy goals for that region of the world!
      So Sam I take it you support the financing and arming of the wahabbist Al-Qaeda groups created by the CIA back in late 1970's and early 1980's Afghanistan war, which are now spreading their mayhem and regime through out the middle east and North Africa just as the PNAC policy stated in the year 2000.
      So Sam Bazzi you can play that game that you are a countertorrism expert trying to rid the world of Islamic extremist but to me because of you hardcore support of regime change mentality, that the stated policy of middle east regime change is a policy put forth by a lot of dual Israeli/Americans that came in to the new George W. Bush administration to advise Bush on middle east foreign policy. Which by the way several of them were sitting staff and project directors for the PNAC(Project For The New American Century) coming in to the white house already pushing their pet project of war and regime change!

      Now Sam are you just that ignorant of already stated military foreign policy goals written up before 9/11/2001 or are you just a Fraud promoting Mossad agent?

    3. First, let me make it clear that I indeed support the United States and its allies because America provides constitutional guarantees that its enemies deny to their citizens. There is not “al-Assad for Ever” in the United States. Yes, I did argue that humanity, regardless of creed or ethnicity, should stand united against the Iranian regime, but I also support the causes of the Palestinian people and al-Aqsa Mosque.

      Second, both conspiracy theories and think tank papers are irrelevant to the average Lebanese, Syrian and Iranian citizens who are suffering from the brutality of the sectarian, totalitarian and dictatorial regimes and organizations that dominate their countries.

      Third, it is the sectarian Alawite regime of Syria and Hezbollah who have murdered numerous Christians particularly in Lebanon. The current sectarian civil war in Syria is clearly between Sunnis and Khomeinist-Shiites/Alawites. The Syrian Christians are not a main party or target in this war.

      Fourth, it is ironic that Hezbollah, an hostage-taking organization born out of the womb of terrorism in Dahiya, wants to point fingers at other terrorist organizations and cry wolf. Al-Qaeda is a terror group that has cooperated with the Syrian and Iranian regimes for numerous years. Yes, al-Qaeda has been used as a tool by numerous parties. But the presence of al-Qaeda in Syria does not justify keeping the murderous and terroristic al-Assad regime in power.

      Fifth, I do not claim to know the secret strategic designs of any major power; however, nothing I have experienced so far justifies supporting al-Assad or the Velayat-e Faqih Iranian dictatorships as alternatives. It is easy for me to choose Western democracy that guarantees my freedom and liberty over regimes that convert countries into family farms (e.g., al-Assad and the black-turbaned mullahs).

      Sixth, it is now known that the minute any Muslim opposes the Iranian regime and its allies he/she will be immediately labeled “agent,” “CIA,” “FBI,” “Mossad,” etc. Such accusations are readily-available shelved canned products with “Made by the Mullahs” stamped on them. Both this scheme and its creators have outlived their effectiveness. The illusions of the Velayat-e Faqih regime have expired.

    4. Greetings all,

      I'm with Robert on this one. I find it deplorable that a "top Counterintelligence" official supports the American effort to arm Al Qaeda in Syria. C'mon mate, please get it together!

      We should be supporting peaceful reform, if anything.

  6. I like the message you have sent to the youths by not to fear the unjust turbaned mullahs.

    1. Thank you Grace. The American Shiite youths in the Bay Area and elsewhere in the United States must understand that the version of the Khomeinist mullahs they have been dealing with here have been tamed quite a bit. Their fangs and claws have been trimmed by our laws and law enforcement personnel as well as activists who chose to take advantage of the First Amendment to expose these misfits.

      I assure you, the U.S.-based Khomeinist mullahs will think a hundred times before they choose to inflict harm upon their victims, for now they know what awaits them thereafter.

      Bullies are cowards hiding behind facades of strength. Once you choose to confront them, they leave you alone.

  7. Nothing more than a trumped up modern day witch hunt. Have some shame.

    1. Is the arrest and imprisonment of the SABA imam Rafic Labboun a trumped up allegation or is it a fact? Let's not engage in denial or reality.

      Shame belongs to those who steal donations (the first imam), and defraud banks, terrorize others, and steal identities (the second imam), and conspire and deceive and mislead (the third imam). Yes, shame, shame on them.

  8. It is awsome that there exists Muslims who have the courage and willingness to take open stances against religious terrorism and fascism. I could only imagine how risky and costly that can be!

  9. Very nice work, the more Muslims come out against terrorism the better.