Of Masters and Their Slaves

"It only stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master." ―Ayn Rand

About Zia Atabay

Sam Bazzi
Sam Bazzi
By Sam Bazzi, counterterrorism analyst & activist

Zia Atabay is the founder and host of NITV United, which is based in Los Angeles, California. Atabay has been involved in the opposition movement to the Velayat-e Faqih regime since the early days of the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

Atabay is originally from Iran. He was born in the northern part of the country.

Prior to the Iranian Revolution, Atabay was an entertainment professional. A high achiever, he  began his career at the early age of fourteen. By the time he was eighteen years old, he had already released a best-selling record. Thereafter he joined the Tehran-based CBS Recording Company, where he served in a variety of managerial roles. Atabay eventually became the general manager of CBS Recording.

The smile of fortune upon Atabay and many other Iranians faded when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini launched his grisly revolution. Komeini's henchmen arrested Atabay and charged him of being an "American spy," a now-cliché accusation by the paranoid Khomeinists against all their victims.

Atabay attempted to escape his captors by fleeing towards Turkey through the snow-covered mountains but was unsuccessful. He spent fifteen days in a harsh and extremely cold surrounding and became too ill to continue his trip. Unfortunately, he was found and abducted.

A strong-willed and freedom-loving man, Atabay attempted once more to flee his abductors. This time he headed towards Pakistan. He spent two anxiety-ridden months as a fugitive and used all available means to continue his trip towards liberty. Walking, jogging, bicycling and motorcycling, he finally crossed the Iranian border and left his homeland, but his heart remained in the great country he so much loved.

After a brief period of recuperation, Atabay left Pakistan and travelled to Europe. He stayed and worked in Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In 1980, he moved to the United States.

In America, Atabay devoted his efforts to activism for freedom to Iran and other countries. He championed the cause of all those who have been victimized by Khomeini's deceitful revolution. A driven and dedicated man, Atabay became an ambassador of freedom and liberty and spokesman for those who have been oppressed by the rabid mullahs and their international terror organizations.

Zia Atabay of the Los Angeles-based NITV USA interviewing the counterterrorism activist Sam Bazzi
Zia Atabay of the Los Angeles-based NITV United
interviewed the counterterrorism activist Sam Bazzi 

on multiple occasions.
Atabay reported on the U.S.-based pro-Iranian regime Shia personalities centers, mosques and TV stations, including Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, Velayat TV USA, Rafic Labboun, and numerous others.

Atabay has interviewed the counterterrorism activist and Shia and Middle East expert Sam Bazzi on a number of occasions. They discussed Shia Islam, terrorism and pro-Hezbollah activities in the United States.

The source of information in this article is the official biography of Zia Atabay on NITV United.


  1. Who is Zia Atabay? I've never heard of this guy!

  2. Zia Atabay is yet another victim of Khomeini and his satanic revolution. The Khomeinist mullahs are superb at making enemies everywhere they go. Somehow the weight of the cloth wrappers they carry on their heads affects their thinking, making them feel they are above others: They represent God, so who are you to be in our way?

  3. Zia Atabay is our hero.